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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another couponing trip, paid $13.39 for about $60 worth of stuff

$54 worth of Bath and Body Works lotion:  $11 after coupons and sale

2 bottles of Spic and Span:  $1 total after coupon

Gain dish soap:  39 cents after coupon and sale

3 bars of Zest: $1 after coupon

Before coupons and sales, this would have cost about $60!
Total amount paid for what you see here:  $13.39

 I'm NEVER paying full price for Bath and Body Works stuff again, lol!  Between myself, my daughters, friends, and the many other women and girls in my family, it's great to have this little stockpile of nice lotions going on.  They'll make great stocking stuffers, or a nice something extra to toss in with birthday gifts :-)

Today, my mom met a woman in a store that has cut her grocery bill down from about $400 a month to less than $100.  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  I think it will take a while to get the hang of couponing, and I certainly don't plan to take it to the extreme and spend 40 hours a week on it like some of the people on TV, lol!  But whatever savings I can accomplish in a *reasonable* amount of time is a great thing.