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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Local fire victims, update about their needs

Recently, I posted on facebook about a local family that lost everything when their home caught on fire TWICE.  They even lost their dog, and mama got burns on her face and arms trying to save it :-(  The 24 year old mother and her little boy are now living in a hotel room and trying to put their lives back together.  We don't know this family, but someone heard about their situation and reached out to me knowing that my mother and I are "couponers" and that we may be able to provide a few free items for the family in need.  When I posted about it, many of you expressed a desire to help and it was absolutely heart-warming!  We're working to get some essential items to them as quickly as possible, so if you can, please read on and arrange this with us ASAP.

Little boy needs:
Size 5 Pull-Ups and baby wipes
Size 4T or bigger clothes 
Size 9 shoes

Mom needs:
Size 14 pants
Size XL Tops 
Size 8 1/2 - 9 flip flops

Other needs:  
Food that doesn't require cooking
Household items
Gas cards

FOOD is a major need.  They are currently in a hotel room with NO kitchenette, so they need items that don't require cooking.  She could also use gift cards for gas stations, so they can still get around.  Some of you have offered toys too, and I think that would be a wonderful way to provide comfort and a little bit of normalcy for a little boy whose world just turned upside-down.  Anything else you can think of that might help too, let us know!

A friend of hers has donated the use of a storage unit so she can start collecting home items.  They're saying it will be about 4 months before the house is livable again, and I'm sure you know it could easily take longer.  At this point, they probably need everything imaginable when it comes to household items.

My mom and I will be able to provide a lot of personal care items, but the Pull-Ups and wipes are a major and immediate need for them and anyone willing to pitch in with that and/or anything else, PLEASE let me know.  You can contact me on my personal facebook page HERE.  Any of you that are local, you can bring things to my home, or we can arrange to meet up.  Some of you from other areas have offered help too, and I can provide you my shipping address if you message me on facebook.  Then my mother and I will bring her everything in a truck.  Feel free to include letters and/or cards with well-wishes and love if you like!

Thank you so much to everyone that is helping out.  This is what community is all about!  We'll be finding out more soon, and I'll keep you all posted.

Here's a local news story about it.