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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How I got PAID to shop at Wal Mart today :-)

21 packs of Carefree, 4 full size Degree deodorants, 6 travel size Degree deodorants, 18 packs of Bic razors, 4 cans of Fancy Feast, 2 full size Suave Professionals styling products, 1 pouch of Uncle Ben's ready rice

Total before coupons:  $60.76
Total after coupons:  -$16.89

Yup, they PAID me that money!!!

Coupons used:  

(18) $2.00 off any BIC DISPOSABLE SHAVER coupons.  Expire 5/8

Our Wal Mart had 2-packs of Bic razors in their travel section.  The coupon says it "excludes trial size", but these packages of razors didn't say trial size anywhere on them!   They are normally 97 cents per pack, but with a $2 off coupon for each of them, we made a profit of $1.03 per pack. 

(10) $1 Degree Men/Women Deodorant coupons.  Expire 5/15

For the 4 full-sized deodorants, our Dollar Tree store had them listed as $1 each in their ad this week.  Wal Mart price matched those, making them free with the coupon.  They didn't have many, so that was all that we got of those.  For the other 6 coupons, we used them to get the travel size ones.  They are 97 cents each, so we made 3 cents on each one.

(21) Carefee coupons from Target that listed each pack as only 1 cent each!  

Wal Mart takes competitor's coupons if they meet certain requirements, so I didn't even have to go to a different store.  

Fancy Feast:  These coupons were just some of MANY that I have gotten free thanks to RecycleBank.  I had 2 coupons this time, each was for 2 FREE cans of cat food.  

Suave Professionals styling products:  I had 2 coupons for FREE items thanks to an online promotion they did.

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice:  Another coupon for a FREE item, thanks to an online promotion they did.

So how did I obtain all those coupons?  I certainly didn't buy a gazillion newspapers, lol.  Instead, I basically paid other people to do the work for me.  I spent about $7 total buying the coupons for the Carefree, Bic, and Degree on good ol' Ebay.  

Other options are to ask your family and friends if you can have their Sunday papers when they are done with them, and recycle them when you're finished grabbing the coupon inserts from them.  Other people "dumpster dive" for coupons, which usually only means they go to a recycling center and rescue the coupon inserts that are easily grabbed from on top.  There are also various places online to buy coupons, and if you can match them up with a great deal and get cheap or free stuff, or even make money on them like I did, it can really be worth it!  Only buy from reputable sellers.  The ones I found were high-rated, sent them out to me VERY quickly, and the transactions went smoothly.  Always make sure you pay attention to all the coupon details so you get the exact right ones you need to make the deal you're shooting for.  Double-check that YOUR local store carries the exact item in the same type and size specified.

By my calculations, I should have been paid $18.63, but only got $16.89 for some reason.  It was a little overwhelming being my first money-making coupon trip, so whatever the mistake was I didn't catch it when it happened.  But anyway, if you subtract the $7 I paid for these coupons, I still made $9.89 on top of getting over $60 worth of stuff!  The lady at the register was pretty nice except at the very end when she said "Yeah, but how much time and money did you spend in order to get all of this?"  Um, a whopping 5 minutes on ebay, and then the actual shopping and checking out time at the store.  Basically $70 worth of products and cash with an hour of effort.  Not too shabby.  Don't be jealous, cashier lady, lol!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again:  If you can get your hands on free or cheap items that your family won't use, or in an amount greater than what you need, please consider donating to your local shelters, food box programs, etc., and/or relief efforts for disaster victims.  

(Also never ASSume that you know what a couponer is doing with their items when they share photos and details with you ;-)  They may have a large family, they may be blessing their friends and neighbors with items, they may be helping their communities, and/or they may be helping their own family to make ends meet.  I've seen a lot of hate and judging on some couponing pages and it makes me sick.  When you don't know the stories behind their shopping trips, shush!  Go learn to coupon yourself, and do with it as you please.  Okay, end of rant, lol) 

Here are some helpful facebook pages.  Make sure you check out their info section to also find their blogs and websites!  It may seem overwhelming at first, but it will make sense if you give it a good effort, I promise.  

The Coupon Wizards

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Extreme Savings with Diva Desirae 

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Anonymous said...

I'm new to this too, but love it. One thing i find very helpful is posts like this. Thank you!

One suggestion, if you post where you got the coupons, others can find them easily...i.e. 4/17 RP, 5/1/ SS etc.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me which add these coupons came from? I am frantically searching! Thanks!

Jen Dixon said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! For your first trip I would say you hit a home run!!!!