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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grocery trip: $44.95 before coupons, $4.22 after

$44.95 before
$4.22 after
About 91% savings!

So, my mom and I couponed together as usual, and focused on groceries this time.  They're usually difficult to save on as our staple food items are fresh produce and meats, but we do manage to save pretty well on some other items that we consume less often but still like to have around.  You'll have to pardon my coupon descriptions as they're less than perfect tonight thanks to some unknowns and the circumstances of us splitting up our purchases, lol.  Between the two of us, we got over $100 worth for about $10.  Here's MY portion of it:


9 Ronzoni Garden Delight pastas
Regularly $2.49 each
On sale for $1.79
Used $1 off coupons
Albertsons doubled coupons
Got them all FREE!

2 Raisin Bran Crunch and bananas
Forgive me because I don't remember the exact coupons we used, lol.
They were kindly given to us by another couponer that we ended up chatting with.  There were 2 coupons that saved us on the cereal, 2 coupons that gave us free fresh fruit when we bought that particular cereal, and then after that purchase we got a catalina for free milk which we used in the next transaction. 
With the coupons and doubling, it worked out so we got 4 boxes of cereal, $3 worth of fresh fruit, and a gallon of milk for $6 total!
Mom and I split the cereal and the bananas, and I paid $3 for my share of it :-)

Vlasic Relish squeeze bottle
Regularly $2.49 each
On sale, 2 for $3
Used coupons for $1 off 2 bottles
Albertsons doubled
Paid $1 for 2 bottles
Mom and I split them, so I paid 50 cents for mine


Oscar Mayer hot dogs
Regularly $2.99 each
99 cents each with in-ad coupon
Used coupon for $1 off every 2
Safeway doubles up to an additional 50 cents each
24 cents each after coupon
(there were more in the transaction, but shown is my portion of them)